Mumble 64738 Mumble is a low latency VoIP multi-user service. It was developed for playing computer games in mind. It provides voice chat capabilites. While the server is publicly accessible, there are rooms for registered users only. The policies may change at anytime.
Jabber/XMPP 5222 Jabber/XMPP is a instant message platform used in a business applications. The service can be routed over multiple nodes applying a instant message service with routing much like e-mail. This server is private for our family. If you are interested in having an account on our server (family only) or having us host your services contact us.
OpenVPN 443 Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a securing traffic over an insecure network to a private network. It won't protect you from government interests but it will protect your traffic over public, unencrypted WiFi access points. This service requires certificate based authentications. If you need access to this service certificates will have to be created and signed by our certificate authority for the VPN. Contact us if you would certificates or your would like your certificate signed for access to this server.
Secure Shell (SSH) 22 SSH is a protocol to allow secure remote terminal access to a server. This will allow you to run programs within the Linux shell. This server requires certificate based authentication and will only be granted to individuals with known expierence in Linux/UNIX systems who make an in person request.
ZeroBin 80, 443 A Pastebin-like server that is client side encrypted. The key is given in the URL and is not given to the server at any time.